I need complete 2-3 pages paper on the following assignment. HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Must address the all steps properly.  Must include 3 credible references  and cited in APA.  Must provide 100% original work.

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For this milestone, select a case study.  (I attached the selected case study.)

Now, being department’s IT director you will submit an organizational profile on your chosen organization (See organization name in attached case study). This organizational profile should give a brief overview of the company you choose from an enterprise level and then start to focus on the IT department of that company.

Below, you will see an outline of critical elements that must be addressed.

  • 1.       The critical elements highlighted in yellow represent the critical elements that you should answer from the perspective of the company as a whole, from the enterprise level.
  • 2.       The critical elements highlighted in blue will focus on the IT department at your company of choice.

Make sure that you craft a vision and mission statement for your IT department that is different from your company’s enterprise-level vision and mission statements but that aligns with the greater company as a whole.

Structure your response In complete  2-3 pages paper and specifically address the following.

 I. Organization

A. Structure and Organization: Describe the current organizational structure and background information. How does the organization organize its internal and external communication? What is the age of the organization? What is the organizational structure? Include the following:

B. Customer Profile: Analyze the customer profile of the company to determine possible competitive issues that could be IT-related. What is the size and type of community? Who is the primary customer? What is the size of the customer/end-user base? What is the demographic profile of the customer or end user?

C. IT Values: What are the IT values of the organization? Analyze the organizational values as indicated by policies, public releases, or noted actions of the company. Some things to consider include:

  • 1.       How does the organization deal with intellectual property rights?
  • 2.       What is the privacy policy of the organization?
  • 3.       What is the technology usage policy?
  • 4.       How does the organization ensure the accuracy of the data it stores?
  • 5.       How does the organization ensure data accessibility, while ensuring data security?
  • 6.       What, if any, governance policies are implemented within the organization?

D. Internal Standards: What are the existing internal rules and standards for information technology governance? Describe the existing policies and standards within the organization to establish a baseline for appropriate practice.

II. IT Vision and Mission

A. IT Vision: What is the ideal vision of how your IT department fits into the overall organization? What is the role that IT plays in the organization? Articulate your clear and reasonable ideal vision for the roles and responsibilities of the IT department (or IT subgroup) within the organization.

B. IT Mission: What is the IT mission of the organization? Craft an IT mission statement that represents your vision, represents the values of the organization, and speaks to the impact of IT on business opportunity and competitive advantage.

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