Each of your groups has a unique company you are exploring for your team research paper.  It is time to start sharing your work with others in the class. 

For this week’s discussion board topic, each team will provide information in the following area about your company:

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Knowledge Management “refers to the effort to systematically find, organize, and make available a company’s intellectual capital and foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing”.

  1. Explain in detail how your company’s intellectual capital which is the “sum of its knowledge, experience, understanding, relationships, processes, innovations, and discoveries” is being used in today’s global economy.
  2. After your initial submission, start comparing and contrasting how your company’s approach to this area is similar or different from your classmates postings.
  3. You are to engage in an active discussion with your colleagues. You will be graded on the level of detail, participation, and insights you contribute to this discussion board topic. 

The name of the company is Samsung

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