Assignment Description:

For this project, you will create a formal analytical report related to an approved technical communication topic. 

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*Note – Your topic is the topic you outlined in the Technical Report Proposal submitted April 25th. 

Assignment Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the basic features of a formal analytical report and gain practical experience in constructing a large research report.

Assignment Guidelines:

After reading Chapter 21: Formal Analytical Reports in Technical Communication (14th edition), create a formal report on an approved technical communication topic. The purpose of the report is to narrow the focus of a general topic and analyze the topic. In order to analyze the topic, you need to identify a problem with the selected topic and inform and persuade the reader towards a position. 

Technical Reports should have at least one main research question that guides the purpose of the report. The main research question should be argumentative and show your stance on the issue. 

Reports should have the following features:

  • Front Matter: 
    • Cover page
    • Table of contents
    • Working definitions
    • Executive summary
  • Introduction: 
    • State the subject and purpose of the report
    • Provide background information on the topic
    • Identify the audience of the report
    • Identify your main and supporting research questions guiding the focus of the report
    • State the scope of your topic
    • State issues surrounding the topic and show your position on the topic and issue stated
    • Identify any limitations with the creation of the report
  • Collected Data:
    • State and define a claim
    • Provide evidence for the claim (multiple evidence for one claim can be used)
    • Provide interpretation of evidence
    • Provide any counterarguments 

(Repeat the claims, evidence, interpretation, and counterargument process for each main and subtopic of your report.)

  • Conclusion: 
    • Restate the summary of findings collected in the “Collected Data” section
    • Provide a final, overall interpretation of findings
    • Provide any recommendations (as needed)
    • Conclude report
  • Back Matter: 
    • Reference page
    • Appendix and/ or supplemental information (if any)

The following headings should be included: Introduction, Collected Data, and Conclusion. Sub-headings should be created and used with each heading.

Report Format:

  • APA style in-text citations and references (You need to place an in-text citation for any information summarized, paraphrased, and/ or directly quoted within the body of your report.)
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 point font
  • Double-spaced
  • 3rd person pronoun

Minimum and Maximum Page Length Requirements:

  • Cover Page – 1 page
  • Table of Contents – 1 page
  • Working Definitions – 3 working definitions (or more – no maximum limit)
  • Executive Summary – 1 full page (maximum 2 full pages)
  • Introduction – 1 full page (maximum 2 full pages)
  • Collected Data – 3 full pages (maximum 6 full pages)
  • Conclusion – 1 full page (maximum 2 full pages)
  • References – 4 scholarly references (or more – no maximum limit)
  • Appendix or Supplemental Information – no limit (optional)

Illustrations are NOT required for reports; however, if you use visuals, illustrations are limited to three visuals total for the entire report. Each visual must be smaller than one quarter of the page. If you feel the report needs additional visuals to enhance the content, please place additional visuals in the Appendix. 

Four (or more) scholarly references are required, and at least one of the four scholarly references must be a counterargument reference. 

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