1. If you were giving advice to someone contemplating a career path in security/loss prevention, would you guide that person to a program in criminal justice or some other field such as computer science? Does the educational path have any impact on the type of positions that are available? Explain your answer in detail.

2. Explain your view of regulation in the security field. Should the government play a role, or should the industry regulate itself? Why do you feel the way you do?

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3. What are the potential liabilities associated with limiting individual rights? Are the potential protections afforded by greater government scrutiny worth the reduction in individual freedom?

4. The Bill of Right of the United States Constitution provides for the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans. All Americans have a reasonable right and a certain expectation of privacy in their work and personal lives. You are the Security Manager for a large facility that employees 25,000 employees primarily in a cubicle and open work environment. The facility is surrounded by a very large parking lot with few or no trees. You are asked by the CEO of Walsh Corporation to install closed circuit cameras (CCTV) in the facility and parking lot as a deterrence to would-be criminals.

A. What challenges are presented by installing CCTV cameras?

B. What might you do to advertise the fact CCTV cameras are in use?

C. Where would CCTV cameras not be allowed under any circumstances?

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