Assignment #3

Answer the following questions in a clear and organized paragraph. Each paragraph should include a clear and precise thesis (1-2 sentences) that directly addresses the question prompt, at least 1 direct quote from the materials of the course, and at least 5-7 sentences or more than analyze the direct quotes and explain how the evidence supports your thesis.1. Kant is a notoriously difficult philosopher to read. After reading through his Preamble and listening try to restate Kant’s argument that metaphysics, as it has traditionally been done, is actually impossible. It may help to begin where Kant begins: with the problem of rationalism vs. empiricism.2. In a famous passage, Zhuangzi uses the example of dreaming to illustrate how knowledge depends on one’s perspective. Briefly explain how he does so, and relate the epistemology Zhuangzi seems to be suggesting with the epistemology Plato develops in his cave allegory. How is Zhuangzi’s version different?Each question is worth 25 points:Thesis (5 points): One or two sentences that directly answer the short-answer question. This is your thesis.Quote(s) from course material (5 points): Give a least one direct quote from the course material that proves your thesis.Evidence (15 points): Analyzing the direct quote(s) and explain how the evidence supports your thesis.

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Assignment #3
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