Assignment Instructions

Instructions: Write a 4 to 6 page paper (not including title page or reference page) in APA Format.

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Your paper must be written in 12 Point Arial or Times New Roman font.

In Real Estate there are many different jobs in which to focus or specialize. Consider your future goals. What is your ultimate goal in your Real Estate career?

Review the list of Real Estate careers below and select one to specialize your research for this paper. 

– Real Estate Agent / Sales

– Real Estate Sales Management

– Real Estate Property Management

– Real Estate Broker

– Real Estate Brokerage Owner / Operator

– Real Estate Finance

– Real Estate Appraisal

– Corporate Real Estate

– Commercial Real Estate

– Land Development

– Home Building

– Home Inspections

– Other: Is there another career you have in mind? If so, please select this choice and write on this career goal.Additional Instructions: When writing your paper, keep in mind you should examine and analyze the past along with the present day. Finally, after conducting your research and considering the various Real Estate careers listed above, examine and discuss your future in Real Estate. For this portion of the paper, focus your attention on taking an active role in the community (work, service, co-curricular activities) and examine civic issues encountered and insights gained.Three references are required. Two must be from the APUS Library. Of course, you may use your text as a reference, as well as other sources if they are valid sources. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source.

Submission Instructions: Submit in the Assignments area of the classroom.

Please Note: All student papers are automatically submitted to Turnitin.

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