Assessment 3: Individual Report: Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics (40%) 

Group coursework: 40% weighting. Word limit: (3000 words +-10%). 

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You are required to submit your work to the Uni-help desk. In addition you must submit it electronically via Turnitin. 

In this assessment, you build on the work that you did in Assignment 2, taking it a step further to develop an e-Marketing Strategy. However, for this assignment, you will work as an individual and produce your own individual report, building on the group work you did for Assignment 1. The task and assessment guidelines are detailed below. 

Assessment Objective: 

Through studying, reading, researching, attending lectures and previous assessment, students will have enhanced their understanding of how to develop an e-marketing strategy. Assessment 2 emphasized the implementation of industry, competitor and consumer research for the purpose of strategic goal-setting. Assessment 3 is aimed at further developing the understanding of e-marketing strategies through taking students to the next step of the plan, which is implementation. . 


Individuals will develop an e-Marketing Strategy for the brand/business which they analysed in Assignment 2. 

Assessment guidelines: 

Your coursework must include the following format/content: 

The first section in this assignment is Section 3. This is because Sections 1 and 2 were developed in Assignment 2. 

Section 3: Implementation Plan 

3.1 Strategies and Tactics to Achieve your Objectives

3.1a Design and Usability Factors 

Outline the key issues that must be taken into account in order to optimise the design and usability of your business’s website. Refer to our lectures for more information for what to consider. Provide a wire frame diagram for the home page for your new site. 

Provide a short brief (one paragraph) for the graphic design of the site. This should refer to the brand values, target audience, positioning strategy etc. 

Outline the content, features, and functionality for the site. Discuss and justify based on your objectives, the positioning strategy, USP and target market. 

Outline an approach for measuring the effectiveness of your website/digital marketing (See SHEET FOUR). This should include how you will monitor the ongoing design and usability, using professional services where necessary 

(2 pages maximum.) 

3.1b Getting Customers Attention – Driving Traffic to the Site: Search Engine Optimization 

1. Provide a list of the search engines, directories, portals in which you plan to be listed. Justify your choice. 

2. Outline your search engine listing monitoring and optimization strategies. (In other words, the way you will ensure that you continue to get top rankings and the methods you will use to monitor it. Also, how often you will monitor your web site search engine positions.) 

(2 pages maximum) 

3.1c Getting Customers Interest, Desire and Action – Driving Traffic to the Site 

In this section you will: 

1. Outline how your communications/promotions strategy will achieve your stated objects in relation to your target markets, brand values and positioning strategy… 

(Use an Integrated Communications Strategy Model) 

2. Outline and justify all online promotional strategies and tactics to be used. 

E.g.: Linking Strategies, Banners, E-mail Marketing, etc. Identify each approach as ‘paid’, ‘owned’ or ‘earned’. 

3. Provide the following: 

a. Mock up of banner ad (line drawing/wire frame)

b. Wire frame diagram of web page where you will get customers to sign up for your e-mail 

c. Copy (content) for your first e-mail letter

d. List of all companies you plan to collaborate with in the first year. Provide a very brief description of each company to demonstrate why it is a suitable collaboration partner. 

You should structure this section as follows: 

1) Explain what you will do (e.g.: E-mail Marketing Campaigns – 4 times yearly) 

2) Justify why you have chosen to do it. (Demonstrate that you understand the benefits of each type of promotional method.) 

I. Demonstrate how it contributes to your brand values and positioning strategy, how it benefits your target markets, and what objectives it will help to achieve. 

II. Identify whether the media used are ‘paid’, ‘owned’ or ‘earned’. 

III. State when or how often it will be done. 

IV. If using a professional service, state which one. 

V. Show how each method will be integrated with other methods 

VI. Banner ad 

VII. Web page wire frame 

VIII. Copy for e-mail letter 

IX. List & description of companies you will collaborate with 

(4 pages maximum) 

3.1d Generating Revenue 

Outline all additional strategies that you will use to generate revenue for your site. If already described above, just provide a summary in this section. 

(1 page maximum.) antony8297(at) g mail (dot) com

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