Aspects of triumph in booker t washington’s up from slavery and emily dickinson’s poem 112

Need an research paper on discuss the aspects of triumph in booker t washington’s up from slavery and emily dickinson’s poem 112. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. The aspects of triumph in Booker T Washington’s up from slavery and Emily Dickinson’s poem 112 The text“Up from Slavery” is authored by Washington is an autobiography of the author talking about the slave years. The contradistinctions and the complexity of the author’s life make the autobiography intriguing intellectually. In this text, the author traces his journey from being a slave to an educator. The beginnings of this story capture his childhood being a slave and the effort he puts to attain or get education. He credits his education directly with his success later as a man of action in his nation and community. The aspects of triumph are depicted when Booker outlines his own development as Tuskegee institute (Alabama) founder and as an educator. The aspects of triumph or success that this text portrays comprise of having an agenda and being successful in achieving goals.

The focus that Washington had makes him talk about his desire as a child showing though a slave. “From my early or beginning childhood I have had a longing or a desire to do something and make the world a better place and then to have the ability of speaking to the world concerning that thing” (Washington 47). The author manages to triumph and become successful in a background that required him to operate smartly. His life began as a mulatto slave with an unknown father, and yet he rose to become a prominent individual worldwide. In his text up from slavery, he says that, “There is a mental, physical, and spiritual enjoyment or fulfillment that comes or is drawn from a consciousness of one being the absolute master of his work, and in all its details. This is very satisfactory and inspiring. ” (Washington 183)

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Aspects of triumph in booker t washington’s up from slavery and emily dickinson’s poem 112
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The author talks of Tuskegee’s growth story, from the time classes were held at a shantytown to campus having several buildings. Booker also talks about his career as a civil rights activist and a public speaker. Another success that the author is credited with is the role that he played in education. His comments on education that are found in chapter three of his book indicates the ideologies that the author holds concerning education. Booker T says, “Instead of so constantly studying books, how I wish that our colleges and schools might learn to study things and men!” (Washington 38)

The aspects of triumph are also captured by Dickinson Emily’s poem 112, entitled “success is counted sweetest (112).” The poem comprise of three stanzas taking the form of iambic trimester apart from the first two lines of stanza two. This poem has taken the form of what is called homilies also called the short moral sayings appearing simple yet describes complicated psychological and moral truths.

The expression given by this poem is that of homiletic point meaning that people usually tend to desire for different things in an acute manner, when they actually do not have them. The lines that follow from line three of stanza one seeks to develop the axiomatic truth, given by the first two lines of stanza one, by offering a pair of images exemplifying this truth. The nectar is used in line three as a symbol of triumph, success or luxury, and can only be comprehended best by someone who needs this triumph. The dying defeated man is at a better position to understand victory as opposed to a victorious army man (Spark Notes editors).

This poem indicates the complicated nature and truth of human desires that Washington also talks about during his slavery period in order to realize success or triumph at the end.

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