Aspects of the The Lion King.

I will pay for the following article Main Aspects of the The Lion King. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Going by the fact that The Lion King happened to be an immensely successful musical, it had songs directed by Elton John and lyrics drafted by Tim Rice. It is indeed true that The Lion King not only happened to be an astoundingly moving animation musical, but it did also have a great impact on both the young and mature viewers when it got released.

The plot of The Lion King unravels in the pride lands of Africa where a lion rules over all the animals that lie within his domain. At the very start of the movie, a young lion prince is shown to be born in these pride lands that make his vicious uncle Scar second in line to the throne. To get over this hurdle, the vicious uncle Scar cracks a plot with the hyenas to kill the lion king Mufasa and his newborn son Simba so as to usurp the throne and make himself the king of the pride lands. Eventually, Scar does succeed in killing the king and making himself the king. Scar makes Simba believe that it was he who was responsible for the painful death of his father Mufasa. Thereby Simba decides to flee the pride lands, burdened by shame and guilt. Consequently, Scar is shown to rule the pride lands with an iron fist. In the meantime the young prince Simba grows up and evolves far beyond the pride lands, growing up in an atmosphere marked by carefreeness and bliss, running his life by the philosophy, “avoid worries in your life.” However, the gory past of the young prince eventually comes to haunt him and he is made to decide as to live a life marked by ignominy and shame or to take his fate in his hands and claim his rightful place in the long-deserted pride lands (Zornado, 2001). The ultimate psychological challenge before the young prince Simba is as to whether he will continue to stay an outcast or whether he will eventually choose to face his&nbsp.fears and return back to the pride lands to avenge the fateful death of his father.&nbsp.

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