Artist Statement (Describe the photographies)

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Artist Statement (Describe the photographies). Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. of the of the Visual Arts & Film Studies Submitted Artist ment- Describe the Photographies Internet Search (02_lee.jpg) is a photograph that focuses on the subject, in this case the young man doing an Internet search on his laptop at home. While the whole effect looks discordant because of the angles the rest of the house give to the photo, it is nevertheless a good effort at zooming in or focusing on the subject. Even his emotions are evident.

In Thinking of Something (03_lee.jpg), the subject is a middle aged to old gentlemen who appears to be either in his home or a waiting room. It is clear he is lost in thought, or that something is on his mind. He has adopted a classic ruminating pose.

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Artist Statement (Describe the photographies)
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In Deep Sleep (04_lee.jpg), we again have a focus on the subject, but it is taken from an angle that gives distance to the subject. He seems to be curled up and deep in sleep, oblivious to the world.

In Math Problem (05_lee.jpg), we have the clear case of a student apparenetly solving a math problem in the library. He is taking help from an online source via a laptop, as well as referring to his notebook for writing the solution. He seems tired. Care has been taken to include as much of the setting as possible.

In Group Session (06_lee.jpg), we have the case for a frontal photo representation of a group of students that appear to be working on a joint problem or in a group. They are looking at their laptops, which are a ubiquitous symbol of American life and indeed of education and the youth. An everpresent Pepsi lies on the table for refreshment.

In Photograph 8 (08_lee.jpg), the emphasis shifts outside in the open air, as our subject is a female student sitting crosslegged in a public park, her schoolbag tossed by her side. The angle of the photography is rather unique and accentuates the lights in the park among the trees, as well as in the spectacles worn by the subjet. She seems hard at work and is apparently a nature lover or prefers the quiet of this venue compared to a noisy and closeted library.

In Photograph 9 (09_lee.jpg), we see another image of the same subject. She has been interrupted and looks up with surprise. She seems a little taken aback, although there is a glimpse of a smile as her picture is being taken. It is obvious that she was not ready for this.

In Photograph 10 (10_lee.jpg), we see a very happy student near the door of a dormitory or study area in a college or university. He has turned to face the camera. It is obvious that he has heard some very good news and we can only wonder what it is as there are no other visual cues. We can imagine that he has got A grades in one or more exams.

In Photograph 11(11_lee.jpg), we have the camera looking down towards many subjects in the library area. It is just to show a new focus from a new angle. The subjects are doing different things, from writing assignments to reading from a laptop.

In Photograph 12 (12_lee.jpg), we see an image of workers in the library area at night, relaxing and enjoying a little overhead TV after the students have left. The photograph has been taken with their backs to the viewer (Freeman, 12).

In Photograph 13 (13_lee.jpg), we see two students leaving at night. There is a wide view of the Paul G.Duke Atrium, shot from a side angle rather than a frontal view, facing the lifts of the building. At least the first three floors are shown in some detail.

As far as a common theme is concerned, what comes to my mind after viewing the majority of shots is: ‘A College Student’s Typical Reactions to Being Given a Research Assignment.’ There are a variety of reactions here, from going to sleep to researching alone, in a group, at the library or outdoors. To my mind, the photography was not entirely sequential, and needless shots like that of the workers in the library and of the happy student or the man lost in though at the waiting room did not add to the sequence or the meaning of this documentary photography effort (London, 48). I will however say that the focus of most of the shots was excellent and well executed.

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