Article summarize (Law).

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Article summarize (Law).

According to Dwight H. Sullivan, who is an ex-chief military defense lawyer at Guntanamo, there are presently 6 military service members who are appealing death sentences.

Some relatives of the terrorist attack victims have stated that death sentences for the detainees would accomplish nothing, but rather serve to make them martyrs which some people might even view as a reward. Others disagree, like Debra Burlingame, sister of Charles F. Burlingame III, who piloted the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 that was crashed into the Pentagon by the terrorists.

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Article summarize (Law).
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Debra said she would approve of an effort by prosecutors to seek the execution of men she blames for killing her brother. Ms. Burlingame said such a case could help refocus the public’s attention on what she called the calculated brutality of the attacks, which she said has been largely forgotten. If the death of 3,000 people isn’t sufficient for a death penalty in this country, then why do we even have the death penalty


It might not be against the law if an employer adopts policies might that put older employees at a disadvantage. Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Such a policy will pass muster in so far as it remains on a basis of reasonable factors that are not related to age.

Supreme Court justices recently heard an argument of a case that was initiated by a group of workers at a federal research laboratory in upstate New York. Their employer, KAPL Inc., which is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, was reducing its work force and so 31 employees lost their jobs. Almost all the dismissed employees were more than 40 years old, which is the age at which the protections of the federal age discrimination law start to take effect.

Article summarize (Law).
A gavel rests on top of an open law book with a justice scale and a Greek column in the background.

According to Daryl Joseffer, who is an assistant to the solicitor general, “the inclusion in the statute of reasonable factors other than age as an exception to liability showed that Congress was offering employers a defense, the existence of which they would have to prove.” (

As long as “an officer has probable cause to believe a person committed even a minor crime in his presence,” Justice Scalia continued, “the arrest is constitutionally reasonable” even if it violates state law. States are free to give their citizens more protection than the constitutional minimum, he added, but “when states go above the Fourth Amendment minimum, the Constitution’s protections concerning search and seizure remain the same. (

15. Nader to Run, Citing Events Of 2004 Race



Published: February 25, 2008

In 2000, Ralph Nader actually did run as a candidate of the third-party. Although he was able to win a total of 96,837 votes in Florida, he was generally derided by Democrats. The Democrats saw him as a spoiler who robbed Al Gore of crucial votes, thereby tipping the election to the republicans.

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