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Write 2 pages with APA style on Article Review. Article Review (Apple Watch) Jacky Ying Ming Chan MKTG 470 04/12 11358788 The of the article is “Apple Watch Not Ready For Full Health Tracking Mode, Yet”. It’s published on February17, 2015 by Parmy Olson at Forbes. The article is about Apple Inc. has announced to launch its new product the Apple Watch in April. The Apple Watch not only can track calls, receive text and notifications, and check email, but also mainly emphasis on health feature. The health feature of the Apple Watch is differentiated with other health tracking device. It is more advance that it not only measure heart rate and steps, but blood pressure, stress, and even heart activity. In this Review, three class materials will be applied to describe the consumer behavior strategy which Apple Inc. used on their newest product Apple Watch. They are consumer value, consumer perception, and targeting and segmentation.

First, consumer values “are desired end-states of life and preferred paths to achieving.” (Mittal) In other words, everyone has a way that they want to live. The things we do, buy and wear illustrate what kind of person we want to be and what lifestyle we want to live. Consumer researcher Lynn Kahle developed a list of Values (LOV), they are “self-respect, self-fulfillment, security, sense of belonging, excitement, sense of accomplishment, fun and enjoyment, being well respected, warm relationships with others.” (Mittal) Using information concerning consumer value and the manner consumers perceive a company and its products, marketers can increase sales and persuade repeat business. Apple has extremely strong brand image that leads them become one of the highest profit earning company. The watch is launched in the wake of good reputations and as such there is likelihood that the Apple Watch creates consumer value. The watch brings with it a lot of packages that many customers were initially lacking. It also offers distinct and unique characteristics that not only enhance utility but the customer experience. Apple just has before, used various principles to ensure customers get the value of their many. This is probably attributed to the fact that they have a strong brand image, unlike other companies they compete with. A better customer value proposition as the article suggest may give convincing reasons to the lovers of the Apple watch product why they should buy a product. One can also argue that by gaining a customers approval Apple may help build watch sales faster, achieve more profitably and increase market share.

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The other class material is customer perception. Normally, when it comes to persuading consumers through marketing, their perception of the company’s brand must be taken into account. The watch has taken a while before its introduction to the market. According to the article, the time taken was to research and analyze various customers’ perceptions. Perception vary based on individual or a given demographic of customer. The fact that for years Apple has created a desirable brand the watch would probably receive more recognition. According to the customers, the company may be about to launch the best product and of highest quality. The Apple Watch launched offers more desirable health packages that not only can track calls, receive text and notifications, and check email this attributed to the fact that the company has been able to understanding customer needs. This is critical in marketing the watch. A brand is the perception of a companys product that is tailored to stay in the minds of a good percentage of the targeted consumers and the watch according to the article qualifies. All in all the market strategies employed may carry the day.

The final class material worth exploring is segmentation and target, Market segmentation can be referred to be the process of portioning an entire market up to form different customer segments. While targeting entails deciding profitable market of the consumer to focus on and the strategies to employ. Apple when was about to introduce the watch started with segmentation of the market that effectively allowed the company to know who and to target the customers. Marketing segmentation and targeting are equally important for ensuring the overall success of a company. The Apple Watch is purchasable available in three model Sport, Normal, and Edition. Market analysis indicates that each watch is unique to each market of the world due to the varied factors such as consumer’s tastes and preferences and the ability to purchase. Apple has effectively taken into consideration these important marketing concerns. Additionally, through effective targeting, the company is likely to succeed in the sale of various watch brands. The cheapest Apple Watch will sell starting at $349, and the most expensive one could be up to $17,000. These important price consideration makes the company maximize sales in all their market segments and targeting all lovers of health detector watch.

As a conclusion and as exemplified in the paper, the watch launched by apple offers a broad range of services unique to it as a package. The various health characteristics that the Apple Watch brings likewise differentiated it with many health racking devices in its class, and this makes its marketing a concern. The paper has exhaustively applied various consumer behavior strategy such as consumer value, consumer perception, and targeting and segmentation used by the company to introduce its Watch.


Parmy Olson,“Apple Watch Not Ready For Full Health Tracking Mode, Yet”. (February17, 2015).Forbes. Retrieved from: http://www.forbes.

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