article on US Industry in 2000 Holden Trucking Services.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on US Industry in 2000 Holden Trucking Services. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Strategic Mission Statement

The mission of Holden Trucking Services is to be preferred trucking firm by being able to deliver the most affordable, high quality and efficient trucking services to the customers. According to Radhakrishnan (2001), trucking services form a very important part of the supply chain for many businesses and it is critical that it is efficient in terms of service as well as cost. This is what Holden Trucking Services will seek to be doing, that is, provide efficient and reliable services to customers at affordable prices. In its growth outlook, Holden Trucking Services looks to serve the African market. The African market is the most underserved market in this sector of the global economy. Africa is expected to be the next big economy in the next twenty years. According to market experts, the current fast-growing markets such as India and China will have reached their optimum growth by the year 2050. At the current moment, every firm including trucking firms is concentrating their foreign market growth in the BRICS market. As the African market is being ignored, it is going to be easy for Holden Trucking Services to establish itself as the trucking firm of choice and be able to take advantage when the opportune e time comes. The African market is already a ripe market and is underserved and even without having to wait for the opportunities time. Most African countries don’t have dependable trucking services of their own and therefore depend on foreign firms. None of these foreign firms have been gracious enough to offer localized trucking services. This means that the services are too expensive for the local African market. The services are also inefficient and not dependable, especially where the time of delivery is critical. Holden Trucking Services will be the trucking firm to fill this gap to make sure that the local market is well served.

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Marketing Plan

Holden Trucking Services will reach the market by personalizing the services. The market will be divided into smaller cells with each cell being given as much autonomy as possible. This will make sure that every area can be served individually and this will increase the quality of the service to the customers. Holden Trucking Services will also seek to be a low-price leader. The modern trucking business is too expensive for most customers a this always has a negative implication of the customers because most of the customers are businesses which would benefit a lot if they could find a cheaper way to deliver their goods so that they can expand their profit margins (Kendall, 2005). Offering low prices and high quality of service to the customer will be an easy way to enter in the market and Holden Trucking Services seeks to use this as a way to make sure that it curves a market share for itself.

Segmentation of the Market

Holden Trucking Services will seek to serve the underserved market. Such an underserved market includes the small scale businesses which usually cannot afford to have their own trucks but at the same time find trucking services prohibitively high. In this regard, to be able to serve this market, Holden Trucking Services will use two main strategies. First, it will include smaller trucks rather than having only large trucks. These smaller trucks will help in making sure that the firm is able to dispatch customer’s merchandise even when the merchandise is not a full truck, without incurring costs of infancy.

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