Article on the un millennium goals Paper

The specific part of the world to be discussed in this paper is Dubai. The facts pertinent to this country and its development and level of civilization will be also discussed.

To clearly define what the UN Millennium Development (MDGs) is, it is first important to note that there are actually 8 international goals to be specific. These will be discussed later in this discussion. These 8 goals were established by 189 UN members and with the help of at least 23 international organizations, it is hoped that each and every one of these goals are met. The deadline for which the UN has aimed to complete the implementation of these goals is the year 2015. Because these development goals were drafted in the year 2000 at the UN Summit, we are now halfway to the deadline with much to still be accomplished. During the drafting of what was known as the UN Millennium Development Declaration, attending world leaders established and consented to the 8 primary goals of the MDGs.

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Article on the un millennium goals Paper
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The goals themselves are focused on ending extreme poverty, minimizing drastically the death rate of children, addressing and minimizing epidemics such as ADIS and engaging in worldwide partnerships for the purposes of development. At this halfway point between the initial drafting of the declaration and the present, only some of the countries listed in the action plan have seen real progress. Other countries with greater economic peril, have not been as successful. In particular, the country of Dubai and its progress according to the development goals will be discussed at this time.

Dubai is one of the seven Arab Emirates and is incidentally the largest of those seven. The seven emirates function together within what is known as a ‘federal framework’ and share economic, political and even military functions. Geographically, Dubai is located above Oman and is set between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of&nbsp.Oman.&nbsp.It neighbors Iran and is very close in proximity to the current state of unrest taking place in the Middle East.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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