article on technology in work place Paper

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on technology in work place Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Technology has profound effects on the human being as well as the other species of this world. With the unmatched development of technology, business houses have also started taking interest in the implementation of technology for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of the business. The most common technologies used by the companies nowadays for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency are video conferencing, virtual office technology and social networks. With these technologies, workplace boundaries have actually expunged. Furthermore, with the implementation of technology, companies now get the opportunity to target a wider customer base and can reach out to many geographical places in the world (Hanks 14-18).

What are its promises?

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article on technology in work place Paper
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The advancement of technology promises people to show more efficient ways of doing the work. For instance, the education system has advanced to a great extent with the development of computers and laptops. In a similar way, business houses have also experienced tremendous benefits for the development of technology. Companies have been able to take their business on a global scale in the most efficient form and in the most cost-effective way. Technology also promises to improve the following fields. Improved Communication: Improving communication at the workplace is one of the basic necessities of organizations. In this context, technology can be useful in improving the communication infrastructure of the company. Earlier, communication among the workers used to take place with the help of wired telephone lines and off late mobile phones and fax. However, robust development of technology has facilitated companies to shift to more modern communication systems (Clarke 16-24).

Human Capital:

– With the development and implementation of improved technologies, companies nowadays are able to embrace better human resource. This is generally achieved through the improved efficiency of screening, recruitment, and hiring. The performance and performance appraisal is also carried out with improved technology. The concept of a balanced scorecard and 360-degree appraisal method are some of the examples of technology in improving the capacity of human resources.

Greater Efficiency: technology is indispensable in increasing the efficiency of the company. Technology has not only provided companies with the opportunity to improve efficiency but has also helped in maintaining high productivity.

What is some potential downside of these new technologies and trends?

In today’s world, where everything is just about accessible and more convenient due to the advancements in technology, it seems that continued development will be inevitable. Stepping into the 21st century has allowed mankind to experience some of the most unbelievable things. However, authors have mentioned that when the other side of this development is considered, technology can be a cause of destruction, if not used properly (Baldauf and Stair 22-24). Despite a number of applications and advantages, there is a potential downside of the new technologies and trends.

Some of the obvious downsides are detailed below:

– Dependency:

– The dependency on technology is increasing at a robust rate. The more technological advancement being experienced by society, the dependence of people on technology simultaneously increases.

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