Article on recruitment of sales representatives Paper

Article on recruitment of sales representatives Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The company should be able to conduct specific tests and techniques in order to screen all applicants. Relevant tests and processes should be undertaken in order to ensure that each applicant possesses the characteristics described in the list of competencies. In summary, this report will identify the competencies that a prospective employee needs to possess while also laying out some techniques which will enable the business organization to find out whether the competencies are present or lacking.

According to PSC’s Learning Resource Network (2008), competencies are “general descriptions of the abilities necessary to perform successfully in areas specified.” Furthermore, these competencies are comprised of knowledge, skills, attributes and values, and express performance requirements in behavioral terms. Thus, competency is a synthesis of the aforementioned factors which will largely determine the performance of an employee in his designated tasks. The set of competencies that an employee has will determine his efficiency as these are the “building blocks which must be assembled and used in a variety of combinations in a variety of circumstances to determine the skill sets needed within a given function or field of expertise” (PSC Learning Resource Network 2008). Thus, Al-Khor must be able to specifically pinpoint and bring together the competency needed by a sales representative and screen applicants against these guidelines.

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Article on recruitment of sales representatives Paper
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The most basic skill that a sales representative should have is reading, writing, and arithmetic. It should be noted all tasks in the office necessitates this knowledge as almost all business transactions are documented through written contracts. For a sales representative, this will mean closing deals and sales transactions where a contract or sales agreement is drafted and&nbsp.signed by both parties. A sales representative should be equipped with basic literacy in order to thoroughly understand the contents of the transaction. On the other hand, arithmetic skills should also be present aiding the sales representative in pricing bulk orders, calculating discounts, and interests.

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