Article on mother, daughter arrested in robbery Paper 

She is being held on $250,000 bond at the Eastern Regional Jail awaiting extradition back to Washington County, Maryland where she is charged in warrants with robbery, armed robbery, being a fugitive from justice and other offenses. Her 16-year-old daughter, Jade Wilson, was arrested at Martinsburg High School about an hour before her mother’s arrest, was taken into custody and is being held on $125,000 bail at the Vicki V. Douglas Center. According to The Herald-Mail Company, it is not clear if she will be transferred to a juvenile facility in Maryland. Like her mother, she is awaiting extradition to Hagerstown, where the teen is expected to be charged as an adult.

According to Sergeant Roy Harsh of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the bank robbery occurred when two females handed a teller a note and one woman showed a gun that she had in her sleeve. They left with an unspecified amount of money. During the time of the robbery, the bank was open and one customer was inside. The robbery was quick and very low-key and the customer inside the bank did not even note that it was going on. The two allegedly took the note back and swiftly left the bank with the money in a bag. Police believe that the two suspects climbed into a getaway car with a possible West Virginia registration. The sheriffs department says they used some of the money to pay $750 in back due rent. According to investigators, there is a possibility of more arrests in the case (McMillion, 2009).

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Article on mother, daughter arrested in robbery Paper 
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It is simply an act accompanied by specified circumstances and an essential element of a crime that must be proved to secure a conviction. The actus reus of the current case involved robbing the Susquehanna Bank branch in Halfway, Maryland.

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