Article on I have dream speech

I Have A Dream s Sources This book gives the speech as a metaphor therefore easy to understand. It is a recent book therefore has a lot of consideration in terms of quality (Alvarez, 2006).

This source is interesting since it entails over 100 speeches after the delivery of the speech. It is basically views and summary of a variety of people(Medhurst, 1999)

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 Article on I have dream speech
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This video gives the speech as relayed by the speaker. Its a primary source and therefore have absolutely no error or variation from the original speech video of “I Have a Dream” speech, from

This is also an original speech given to the body responsible for verification of the quality of works done by African-Americans. It is helpful since it has affirmation from NAACP (Martin Luther King, 1963)

This is actually a review of the speech and it is also helpful as a review and a critic (McGrory, 1963)

A video from you tube giving the live speech. It is an original source therefore has minimum errors. There is possibility in finding out certain characteristic of the speaker such as the theme, tonal variation, and more so the passion of the speaker

This source includes the voice of the American people concerning the Speech of Martin Luther Jr. It is important since it has various leads on the opinion of people (People, 1975)

Mills gives an account of what really happened on that day that the speech was given in Washington. It is a useful source since it gives an account of the reaction of people and what actually transpired on the day of the speech (Mills, 2000)

Johns gives a biography of Martin Luther Jr and his struggle for liberation of the black people. This source opens up the whole history of Martin Luther and will be able to give more comprehensive information necessary for your research (Jones, 1931)

The sources selected will help you in the research since some of them are the actual speech specifically from the speaker himself. The video also provide a clear view of the speech hence avoiding any form of errors. The primary sources are very accurate and very useful in the initial stage while conducting a research. Other sources discuss the views of the speech hence this will help the researcher in articulating and getting various views and critiques of the speech, which will help, in conducting this research.


Alvarez, A. (2006). Martin Luther Kings “I Have a Dream”The Speech Event as Metaphor”,. Journal of Black Studies , Vol 18 3.

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Mills, N. (2000). What Really Happened at the March on Washington. New York: New York: New York University Press.

People, W. t. (1975). The American People and Their Government. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press.

video of “I Have a Dream” speech, from

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