Article on getting fired from jobs Paper

Getting Fired Getting fired is a dreaded event in one’s employment and may be caused by a number of reasons. These include the use of employer time to conduct personal business, repeated lateness and inclusion of personal problems in business of the workplace. As a result, it is crucial to understand the causes of getting fired and go into the details of some of the mentioned reasons of getting fired.

One of the common causes as to why employees get fired from their jobs is the exaggeration of their skills in their resumes. This is in cases where employees, prior to employment, present their resumes to their employers showing their qualifications in their line of work as being highly skilled. However, this is not true in some cases leading to the said employees having to struggle to keep up with the requirements of their job description after hiring. This is a leading cause as it puts the employer in a difficult position following this inability, of a highly decorated employee, to learn their jobs in or on time for productive working.

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In addition, the issue of bringing personal issues into work is not left out. This is following the potential that some workers have in their social lives in relation to their ability to socialize effectively and the inability to keep apart professionalism and personal issues. In light of this, personal issues may be brought through one of two or even both ways, which are gossip on other employees, or even bringing in personal differences with other employees to cause squabbles. These are solid grounds for dismissal as it affects the productivity of the employee in question and others that are involved in the personal differences.

In addition, the interference of personal issues in the workplace may also occur through using business hours n the workplace to attend to personal issues. Such issues include family problems or even helping friends take care of their own problem. It may be a positive thing to help others or even take care of one’s own problems, but the negative point comes in when the employee cheats the employer of productive time through the same. For example, if an employee has marital problems with his or her husband or wife, it is only logical to attempt at correcting the problems for peace of mind. However, using time, which one is paid for by the employer and is meant for the benefit of the said employer, for personal gain is grounds enough for dismissal. The proper channel would be to go through the employer and ask for time off to sort out one’s personal issues before resuming work.

Moreover, another common reason that leads to dismissal of employees from work is lateness in the workplace, especially when it occurs repeatedly. Lateness acts as another way in which an employee can steal productivity time from his or her employer, making it a loss for the employer to suffer loss. In some other cases, due to lateness, employees cover for another and use the cheat sheets maliciously. This occurs through falsification of information logged on the said sheet in order to prove that the late employee came in time or on time. thus was not late. Employers call for employees to respect their terms of service by adhering to the required reporting time and dismissal time, which makes it a ground for dismissal if one is late repeatedly.

In conclusion, getting fired has a number of causes that are the doing of the employee in question, and are usually in contradiction of his or her employer’s expectations. Repeated lateness, engaging in personal business in the workplace and inclusion of personal problems are some common causes that get employees fired.

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