article on Disaffirmance of contract

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Disaffirmance of contract. It needs to be at least 750 words. Disaffirmance is the act whereby a person is allowed to renounce a contract that he or she entered in void of legal requirements coming from the contract. It is meant to guard the minors from unfair contracts, although it has its drawbacks. Therefore, to void a contract, an individual must show that he or she will not be ready or willing to be bound by the signed contract. For instance, in this case, Mathew Green was a minor therefore liable to disaffirmance of the contract he made with Caruana Chevrolet. The conduct of Mathew Green clearly indicated the he was about to disaffirm the contract since he knew a contract can be disaffirmed at any time as long as he is a minor or until he reaches eighteen. The Caruana Chevrolet had the right to deny repayment of the money that Mathew Green had paid them because when a person below the age of eighteen disaffirms a contract, the property that he or she has transferred can be retained or recovered to the third party, which is the Green family. It is significant to note that the law gives the minor the choice of disaffirming the obligations of the contract while the adult parties involved in the contract remain bound by it until the minor decides to disaffirm the contract, they cannot do it.

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article on Disaffirmance of contract
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