article on competing through marketing ”managing information ”

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on competing through marketing ”managing information ” Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The most important question that business managers and owners should try to answer is what they need in order to effectively manage the data, internet resources, software and hardware, so as to ensure that they are efficiently used for the success strategies of the business. E-business refers to the application and uses of information systems in order to support and drive the processes of a business, mostly by use of web technologies. According to Amor (1999), e-business allows businesses to link their external and internal processes more effectively and efficiently and closely work with their partners thus satisfying their expectation and needs of their customers thus increasing the overall business performance. There are many types of internet technologies that are specifically designed to help businesses not to work harder but smarter (Sachenko, 2009). These tools include mobile, wireless technology and collaboration tools, social media and customer relationship management among others. Strategic /Problem Analysis The business under focus is a small high quality restaurant that uses very basic computer facilities. Therefore, most of the business operations like advertising, supplying and orders are done the traditional way. For example, to receive quality supplies, they have to order by writing a delivery order, and advertisements are done through posters and over the radio and television. Though this is a high quality restaurant, the number of customers it receives every day is so small that it cannot meet its targeted profits. It is therefore important for business owners and managers to understand the importance of application and use of electronic information systems, so that they can reduce on high costs and conveniently increase profits by working smarter. The strategic objective of this restaurant owner is to increase profits as well meeting the expectations of their customers, which is something they rarely achieve. The business has been incurring heavy losses due to the high travel and communication costs as well as few customers, who cannot help reach the desired goals. If the management of this restaurant can switch on to e-business, such losses can be greatly reduced and customers can increase as a result of e-advertising, which is now the most accessible to prospective customers, who are seeking high quality services for example foreign tourists. The following are the benefits that the restaurant is likely to achieve by effectively switching into e-business. Benefits of – Business E-business helps to increase workforce productivity by helping the user in locating and viewing information faster, as well as application of important roles (National B2B Centre Limited 2007). Web browser can help the restaurant owners to retrieve data stored in the data base at any time from anywhere, but with security provisions like encryption and use of passwords (University of Pittsburgh, 2003), thus keeping them updated on business operations. This helps them take necessary precautions and measure that the business requires at the right time, thus improving their performance. It also helps customers to receive the best services from the restaurant as managers are able to fast access useful information that ensure efficient services.

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article on competing through marketing ”managing information ”
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