Article God’s excistance.

I will pay for the following article God’s excistance. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The world as we know is full of evils which are rampant and this could not have come from the God that was acclaimed traditionally. Mill believed that though God existed, he was either limited in power or was not entirely benevolent. This means that he purposefully lets the evils that ail society to take place and rids them when he sees necessity or when one seeks intervention2. Emily is a victim of the evil that is rampant in the world. She is haunted and possessed by evil spirits which take control of her after she leaves home for college. The whole idea of God being entirely benevolent is fogged up by the fact that Emily is overcome by the forces which are beyond her control, which are the evil spirits after she chooses to discontinue her medication and rely entirely on her faith in God to help her overcome the evil spirits that taunt her. In the film, Emily is overcome by forces which she cannot control. The forces turn out to be evil spirits. She is initially advised to use medication so that she can overcome these evil spirits which seem to be slowly taking control of her. She starts speaking in quire tongues and getting in to a trance where she starts being destructive and her behaviors become shocking. When in the trance, she has a tendency of destroying religious symbols and artifacts, a proof that she is possessed by forces that oppose religion. The whole ordeal begins one night when Emily encounters a strange burning smell which comes from the hall-way in her dorm room. She decides to go and see what is burning and in the process, she notices that the door shuts itself and opens several times. She then goes back to her room and in what seems to be like hallucinations, she sees her jar of pencils move by itself and her bedclothes rolling themselves down. She then experiences a great weight which seems to be pulling her down and at the same time choking her.This prompts her to leave school and go back home. Both her and her parents are now convinced that she is possessed by demons and the only way that she can be helped is by performing an exorcism on her. The local parish priest, Father Moore, is called to perform the exorcism but unfortunately Emily does not make it out alive. Father Moore is arrested and charged with negligent homicide on Emily’s death. There are good reasons to suppose that Emily is sick and not possessed. After she encounters several more visions after her first, she is hospitalized and after tests, she is diagnosed with epilepsy. She is given medication to counter what is thought to be seizures but the anti-seizure medication is not of help to her. She still encounters her visions and bodily contortions which increase in severity. According to the doctor and the prosecution, Emily’s behaviors can be as a result of psychosis due to the visions that she encounters or epilepsy due to the severe bodily contortions. Another possible argument would be that Emily suffered from schizophrenia and is not demon possessed. For example, during her exorcism, Emily named 6 demons that had possessed her and this could be a logical base for arguing out that her condition was not spiritual but more of mental illness. The prosecution in the film actually puts up a solid case based on the medical proof that is being suggested.

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