Art is personal and great art is even more personal.

 Ideally, artists may use their pieces to portray their real life situations instead of showing the real aspect. Usually, an artist’s life may be in the core of what their pieces are showing. Sequentially, it becomes the role of the audience to unravel the artist’s life in order to establish the nature of these artists. In essence, this essay will zone in on the life of William Shakespeare to establish the connection between his life and his artistic works. Seemingly, the life of Shakespeare did not have any documented notes or journals to analyze how he led his life. However, his plays may give an insight on his life was, and his other artistic pieces that this paper will seek to establish.

According to the Play Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare emerges as a Catholic faithful in to which his parents belonged. However, many argue that his religious faith and affiliation was not Catholic, but this depiction was heavy in his plays. Certain scholars believe that he was too much of an artist to consider him either protestant or catholic. In essence, there are no documents proving that Shakespeare was indeed Catholic since he did not document it. However, the inclusion of Friar as a clergyman to give advice to Romeo and Juliet is proof enough hat Shakespeare had affiliation to Catholics. For Romeo and Juliet, theirs was religion of love because of their undying love for one another. Friar’s presence in the play as Romeo’s adviser since childhood may somehow relate Shakespeare’s life since he lived part of his life with a religious family where he acquired the name William Shake shaft.

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Art is personal and great art is even more personal.
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Ideally, his religious aspect becomes questionable because as per the Romeo and Juliet he portrays the religious aspect in a way that Juliet becomes a shrine to which Romeo worships.

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