Art history writing

 Art history writing

Social changes and art Culture and religion are integral in shaping the way art is presented and features of the art. For instance, in Italy 1500 to 1600AD, the art presentation focused on religion and the depiction of the nature of human beings. The focus of the Italian art was on Christianity which was undergoing changes due to Protestantism which led to the development of different focus of especially on the beauty of humanity.

History writing

During the era, Leonardo paintings included the last supper, virgin and child with St Anne including St John the Baptist and the Mona Lisa paintings (Kleiner 545). These paintings were oil based and mostly portrait. The influence of religion on the approach used by the artist of the era in the presentation of their ideas is evident from the type of pictures and paintings produced. Both the sculptures and painting of the era comprised of beautiful figures moving gracefully in multi-figure compositions conveying humanity and the perfection of God.

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 Art history writing
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 Art history writing
Art history

Despite the growing influence of the Italian renaissance humanism, it was not able to influence artists outside Italy (Kleiner 589). Therefore, artists in Europe were not influenced by the humanism approach employed in the art from Italy. Northern painters travelled to Rome and are known as Romanists because they were influenced by the works of Michelangelo and exhibited the stylistic tendencies of mannerism. The northern renaissance in northern Europe was not influenced by the Italian renaissance but was closely linked with the protestant reformation. The series of internal and external conflicts between the Roman Catholic Church and the protestant groups had a lasting effect on the type of art developed in northern Europe.

 Art history writing

In contrast to the 1500 to 1600 art, the 1700 t0 1800 art was comprised of the concept of enlightenment. The frivolous paintings of Fragonard and the politically charged moralizing images of David influenced art (Kleiner 583). The leadership of the king of France who ruled by divine light and the development of the enlightenment thinkers indicates a change from the 1600 art.

The art of the era was defined by Neo-classicism, which included the support of the revolution. It exhibited movement from the roman art that proceeded the era, which contributed significantly to the characteristics of the art depicted by Mona Lisa painting, and other paintings related to Christianity. In fact, the roman art was based on religion and the perfection of God and the role of spirituality in changing the behaviors of people with the focus being on the nature of God.

 Art history writing
 Art history writing

However, the 1700 to 1800 art exhibited a change by considering the emotions of the artists. The presentation of emotions in art was a product of enlightenment which includes the fight for democracy was evident. The focus of the art was on what the artist what to present rather than the descriptive elements of art. The art focuses on issues and romance leading to the classification of the era as a romanticism era (Kleiner 586).

It was partly a reaction from the industrial revolution and a revolt against the aristocratic social and political norms present in the Age of Enlightenment. Consequently, it was a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature presented in the earlier era. In the romantic art presented in the era terrifying images of nature was developed by most of the romantic art. Therefore, art has been an influence by the societal changes which led to changes in artistic presentations.

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