Arimount marketing plan. 

Therefore, it would be the role of the manager to look gather information on the quality of goods the company produces, sales of the product being sold may also speak a lot as demand is high the supply would also be high increasing the sale of his product. A researcher in a company would be to come up with better ideas, which would boost the sales to increase the sale or products or better ways to market their products to be appealing to the customer (Kotler, 2010)

It is a company’s role to ensure that the company has reached the potential customers in the shortest time possible and use a convenient way possible. The company should ensure that through advertising their product the customer is enthusiastic to see the products that re being sold by the company. The customer should consider why he should choose the product over another.

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It is the role of the company to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the production. The company’s role is to ensure that the packaging of the product is appealing to the customers who is willing to purchase the product or a customer who are testing the product for the first time. The item should be widely acceptable to the area or region of sale in that it has what the consumer requires. After the customer has used the product, e.g. the standards should remain if they are of high standards and should be improved if they are of low standards. The product should have a unique character that other consumer products do not have so that the product would be preferred to the other products this will retain the customers loyalty (Kotler, 2010).

The company should be able to market the products of consumption everywhere in the shortest time possible. The company can market its products in any segment that it believe that it is more profitable to the company.

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