Arguments of Cause and Effect.

Write 2 pages with APA style on Arguments of Cause and Effect. Cause-effect relationship Exercise necessary, sufficient. A woman had gone with the son to watch a football match. The unprecedented crowd that thronged the stadium and her friend kept her son experiencing great urge to walk alone. While walking through the entrance after the match, a friend tapped her back and just that moment she left the hand of the young boy to respond. In the short while the woman realized the son had vanished in the crowd.

Event: A woman realizes the young son is missing in the crowded stadium

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Precipitating cause: The woman leaves her son alone for just a minute or she doesn’t hold his hand.

Necessary cause: The woman and her son were not in touch to understand how important it is to be close to each other.(The woman failing for a minute to realize that the son would explore and her son not knowing he is supposed to be close to the mother ,considering he is still young)

Sufficient Cause: The woman got distracted with talking to her friends in the stadium.

The above scenario offers an example of cause-effect relationship in which one act directly yields effects. The woman let go the hand of the son who was adventurous and took the opportunity to walk around alone with the effect of becoming a missing person case. In this context, it can be observed that cause-effect relationship is subject to the concepts of necessary and sufficiency (Trapp,et al,pg.87).

Scene 2

Effect: A robbery with violence victim risk death in the hands of the mob.

Cause: A man who was almost being attacked by robbers escaped death narrowly on the hand of the mob that mistaken him to be the criminals. The robbers attacked the man in a corridor sandwiched between two walls. He raised alarm through shouting and calling for help. The members of the public took position at the end of the corridor awaiting any person who would appear running and lynch under the possibility of being the robbers. Unfortunately, the robbers jumped over the walls and vanished into the nearby woods. The shaken victim took to his heals and just as he popped out of the corridor, the mob descended on him with kicks and blows. It took the intervention of the police to disperse the crowd before he could give a convincing explanation that shocked the public. He was the victim and the robbers wittingly escaped over the walls. The likelihood of walking through the corridor and being attacked by the robbers are correlated but that did not cause the members of public to attack him.

Work Cited

Trapp, Robert, and William J. Driscoll. Discovering the World Through Debate: A Practical Guide to Educational Debate for Debaters, Coaches and Judges. New York: International Debate Education Association, 2005. Print.

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