Argumentation-Persuasion. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Realism and responsibility ‘Realism and responsibility’ refers to a column by Fareed Zakaria in the newsweek magazine. The author bases his arguments on global poverty by analyzing the movie, ‘the girl in the café’ written by Richard Curtis (Zakaria 1). This paper will analyze the different literary techniques employed by Zakaria to present his arguments on global poverty in his column.

The author uses logos to persuade his audience into accepting his argument. The author provides the different stands already in place to curb poverty in Africa. For each possible cause of action put in place to end poverty in Africa, the author analyses both the positive and negatives involved and then states his position. The author critically provides reason and thought to come up with a conclusion about his position. For example, he analyses the Millennium challenge account by the Bush administration (Zakaria 1). The author then provides both the pros and cons of the strategy.

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The author addresses an agreeable audience. By providing logic and reasoning on the different options and strategies he presents, the author appears to have an agreeable audience. For every proposition presented, there is a reason and thought towards it. This gets to draw on an agreeable audience for the author.

The author applies inductive reasoning to reach the conclusion that America is correct on good government policies, but American policies need improving. The author bases his argument from bottom-up logic. The author analyses specific examples on the strategies in place to end poverty in Africa before arriving to his conclusion.

In ‘realism and responsibility’ the author applies various literal techniques that get to assist him to convey his message. The author uses logos and inductive reasoning to communicate to his audience. These techniques assist the author to have a comprehensive and well written column.

Works Cited

Zakaria, Fareed. “REALISM AND RESPONSIBILITY.” 19 June 2005. The Daily Beast. 7

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