Archaeology aims. 

To put it more bluntly, archaeology aims to determine the rationale behind the basis of these remains and thus it derives significance from the fact that these remains had on the evolution of human beings, animals, plants and landscape structures so to speak. Archaeology is considered to be one of the four sub-fields of anthropology. It has played a huge role in prehistoric times as well as that of the historical societies and continues to be a basis of excitement for the archaeologists of current times. The way in which culture and ecology are mixed with archaeology is something that comes as a point of interest for one and all and more so the archaeologists, no matter which era they belonged from.

What archaeology wants to offer to mankind is a relation with the past through the present times so that the future basis of these artifacts and so on ensures the proper connectivity levels which man is willing to find out for his needs today. There is a need to understand what these remains encompassed within them and how the same could be exploited in a manner that could benefit the whole ecological basis of mankind. The cultural evolution seems to be amiss if there is the improper liaison with the human remains that have been discovered courtesy the archaeological basis and there must be an adequate level of documentation so as to ensure that a link is formed up at all possible stages within the very process. Archaeological remains enable mankind to understand his past and how his ancestors used to be different from what he is in the present times. It also provides him a thinking mindset and a foreseeing future for his coming generations and the differences that they could adopt with the passage of time. These differences and alterations in the coming eras could very easily connect with the characteristics and traits of the people that are manifested time and again and consequently all effort and endeavors must be put in place to guarantee that there is a close examination of these traits, actions, and behaviors.

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Archaeology aims. 
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