Approach of Cancer Patients.

he article was written with the author appealing to readers through logical reasoning. She uses pertinent examples to give her arguments some strong backbones, making her a reliable writer. The balanced consideration of her thoughts and other people’s claims gives an interesting quality to her work that simply grabs the reader’s attention. What makes the essay more interesting perhaps is the fact that her argument is not in unison with the more acceptable norm in the cancer community. Rather, she tries to encourage her readers to face their trials head-on, whether it is physical, financial, emotional or otherwise. through an honest emotional approach, saying that such manner is more beneficial to the person involved rather than sugar-coating and hiding the bitter realities of life. Such approaches make Ehrenreich’s argument quite strong and efficient.

In the aforementioned essay, Ehrenreich states that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has been reading various materials from different authors about the disease and how to cure or even cope with the struggles, especially with anger. However, she soon found out that no one seemed to share her feelings toward her sickness. Instead, she discovered that most patients and survivors offered positive attitudes toward their fate. She even observes that “The cheerfulness of breast cancer culture goes beyond the mere absence of anger to what looks, all too often, like a positive embrace of&nbsp.the disease”. Nevertheless, Ehrenreich looks at having cancer from an entirely different point of view. For her, she has always approached her situation with anger, full of questions that she wants to be clarified logically.&nbsp.

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