Applying What You Have Learned

Discussion 1

“Applying What You Have Learned” Please respond to the following:

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Applying What You Have Learned
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·         Research your chosen careers in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook located at or by using other career resources. Next, discuss at least two (2) opportunities that will utilize the skills of professional writing and communication within your career.

·         Share your thoughts on the importance of professional writing and communication as a career development skill.

Please also reply to the following student!!!!!!

Arneda Terry 

RE: Week 9 Discussion

I am a Human Resource Specialist for the Federal Government.  Two opportunities I would have to write and communicate in my profession would be responding to applicants during their hiring process, and to management to keep them inform and up to date on their prospective candidates.  I am a representation of my organization and the caliber of employees they hire.  I can only imagine what would run through an applicant’s mind if I send an email full of spelling and grammatical errors, not to mention what management would think of me and my department.

The personal impact of failing to communicate professionally would be the embarrassment it might cause you. It might also make you feel inadequate.  Professionally it would impact your credibility of being a professional Human Resource Specialist, hence the word Specialist.  This could be in the eyes of the applicants, as well as management.  Think about this, you can be professional, but not be a professional at what you do if you’re not working everyday to be better than you were yesterday.

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Discussion 2

“Discretion of Lower Courts”  Please respond to the following:

·         * From the e-Activity, describe at least three (3) factors that you believe permit the lower court to implement decisions at their discretion based on your reading of Chapter 14. Provide a rationale for your response.

·         Propose at least two (2) available remedies that the general populace is able to utilize to promote court decisions that a judge from the lower court has yet to implement. Provide a rationale in your response.

Please also reply to the following student!!!!!!

Tiffany Golaub 

RE: Week 9 Discussion

·                   5

The factors for lower court to implement are: party affiliation, their ideology, or their religious norms. The interpretation should be by someone other than the person making the decisions, a judge’s own personal policy preference will also have an effect, and the manner in which a lower court judge interprets a policy established by a higher court could impact decisions. These factors could permit the implementation of decisions because it sets aside the personal morals a judge may have about a decision.

The two remedies that I would implement are getting feedback from other judges and  utilize to promote court decisions that a judge from the lower court has yet to implement are;  brainstorming and opinions from other judges. Having other judges help out is a great idea because different opinions can always get you to make the right decisions. Sometimes we as people second guess things and would like the thought of others to give us a little feedback.

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Discussion 3

Implementing Court Policies”  Please respond to the following:

·         Describe the fundamental reasons why the executive branch of the government may be unable or unwilling to implement court decisions. Discuss the impact that such inability or unwillingness has on the court’s decisions in general and the effect on the overall court system in particular.  

·         Suggest possible remedies that may be available to the judges to overcome issues that may arise from implementing court decisions. Discuss two (2) overall strategies that a judge can utilize to implement decisions when verdicts are given by a jury. Provide a rationale for your response.

Please also reply to the following student!!!!!!

Ramona Ricks 

RE: Week 9 Discussion 2

·                   5

The executive branch may be unwilling to implement a court’s decision if they feel like the decision is biased. Some decisions that are brought down may seem, or actually be, discriminatory against a particular gender. In those instances, the executive branch may decide that the implementation of the decision is unnecessary and move to have it overturned. Another reason the executive may decide not to implement a decision is if they feel it may interfere with confidentiality within a particular division. Deciding not to implement a decision impacts more than just one set of people. If a decision is made, it is usually based off of good evidence and these decisions should be followed. The effects on the overall court system can be that the lower level courts may not feel as if the decision is serious enough, so they may follow suit and not implement the changes also.

To overcome issues that may arise, judges may choose to remedy the implementation process through remedies such as process remedies, performance standards, or specified remedial actions. Each of these remedies is useful in that they give judges, or appointed officials, an opportunity to right the wrong that has been committed. Some have specific remedies, while another may not.

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