Applying the Elements of Qualitative Applied Business Research

Review Fleiszer, Semenic, Ritchie, Richer, and Denis’s 2015 article, “An Organizational Perspective on the Long-Term Sustainability of a Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Program: A Case Study,” from this unit’s readings.Compose a formal, APA-formatted paper of no more than 700 words (word count excluding title and reference pages) that:Argues why the study is an example of applied business research by presenting the context and setting as described by the authors.Articulates the business problem and research purpose and assess the alignment of these components of the study.Identifies the specific research method and design of the study and articulates the authors’ reasoning for this selection as appropriate for the study’s purpose.Critiques the authors’ conceptual framework for the study by considering the alignment with the identified business problem.REFERENCES: Use your Doing Research in a Business World text to read the following:Chapter 15, “Interviewing.”Chapter 16, “Non-Participant Observation.”Cassell, C. (2015). Understanding research interviews [PDF]. In Conducting research interviews for business and management students (pp 1–9). Retrieved from B. (n.d.). Semi-structured interviews. Retrieved from, C. (2010). Observational research. In J. J. Salkind (Ed.), Encyclopedia of research design. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Liu, F., & Maitlis, S. (2010). Nonparticipant observation. In A. J. Mills, G. Durepos, & E. Wiebe (Eds.), Encyclopedia of case study research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Brewer, J. (2003). Observation, overt and covert. In R. L. Miller & J. D. Brewer (Eds.), The A–Z of social research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Altheide, D. L., & Schneider, C. J. (2013). Field notes and other data. In Qualitative media analysis (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Fleiszer, A. R., Semenic, S. E., Ritchie, J. A., Richer, M., & Denis, J. (2015). An organizational perspective on the long-term sustainability of a nursing best practice guidelines program: A case study. BMC Health Services Research, 15, 1–16.

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Applying the Elements of Qualitative Applied Business Research
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