Applying the Diagnostic Model to World Fuel Services Corp (INT) and AS-IS Process.

For example, if WFS has clients across the globe, WFS can have an online conference with their clients and would allow both of them to save money instead of traveling and meeting each other in person in order to close the deal. By doing this, they had extracted additional value from external customer’s transactions which is also one of WFS primary objectives as a company. WFS operate in various offices across the globe such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and etc. By adopting technology these offices can interact with each other in a faster and inexpensive way by exchanging emails and through the use of online chat. Rather than flying out of the country to interact with each other which would be very costly and time consuming. Also by adopting technology WFS can expand their market by launching websites, advertisements, and etc. through the web. Technology can ensure that the energy supply, marketing and proprietary activities do not expose the company to unacceptable or unforeseen cost increase through establishing a strong recording system of transactions in order for the company to have a basis on their future decisions which would help achieve WFS goals by looking at the company’s records and history. These records can be plotted in a form of spreadsheet so it can be easily updated and looked into when it is needed. By adopting technology WFS can also give easy updates to their clients in a form of email, fax, phone calls and etc. Being the largest independent marketer for aviation, marine and fuel products WFS should always continue to develop their means of trading in order for the company to grow and maintain success.

In order for WFS to grow and maintain their success they also have to have a clear view on political factors that can or will affect their company. An example of this political factor is the government.

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Applying the Diagnostic Model to World Fuel Services Corp (INT) and AS-IS Process.
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