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Need help with my writing homework on Anything in business. Write a 500 word paper answering; Article: BlackBerry maker offers tablet aimed at businesses Summary: The article is about soon to be launched Black Berry’s Play book. This is Research in Motion’s latest offering in tablet PCs. The tablet PC was shown on Monday and will be launched in early 2011. The international rollout will follow later in the year. RIM breaks Apple’s claims on Ipad by claiming a device which is even lighter than it. (Vanacore)

The Playbook will be half the size of the Ipad and weight about just the same. It will have a 7 inch screen and also two cameras, front and back unlike the Ipad. The cost of the tablet PC is undecided at the moment but it is said to start from around $499. The tablet will be access beyond the Wife only. It will be able to catch Web access via simple linking it to the Blackberry. But the tablet will also function as a standalone advice. RIM’S COEE claims that the ultimate aim of this tablet is to provide a full on computer and web experience on the tablet. This means that the dependency of tablet would be very little on third party applications. On its end, the Playbook is a step taken by RIM to protect its position as the top notch provider of mobile gadgets for the business set. It will also have flash applications. On the other hand, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has voiced his restraint in allowing Flash on company’s mobile gadgets claiming that the software has too many bugs and rips apart too much battery life.

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RIM’s close relationship with its various corporate clients can help the company extract a certain portion of the tablet market which is originally Apple’s niche. If it moves strategically, then it can take away that portion of the market share.

IDC predicts that the corporate market for tablet computer will keep growing with the growth of sales of these tablets in the next few years. It is forecasted that roughly 11 percent of the overall sales of the tablet PCs will be directed to schools till 2014.

Playbook and Ipad will be at loggerheads with each other. It remains to be seen who beats whom. While Playbook will not just be work oriented, it will have video games, it looks like Ipad will take the edge in styling. And the market is not just restricted to RIM’s tablet. When Ipad came, it brought with itself, a wave of competitors, so naturally Ipad is not the only competitor out there. Even Dell is headed in this direction. It came up with its own tablet computer called Streak in August. Similarly Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy tab next month and already has four carriers in its kitty booked. The battle is on and it is only going to get fierce in the coming months. What remains to be seen who ends up leading the way. If Playbook will be able to take away the lead Ipad commands at the moment.

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Vanacore, Andrew. Black Berry Makers Offer Tablet Aimed at Business. 27 Sept 2010. 29 Sept 2010 .

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