Anorexia disorders.

State suggests that this problem is a serious psychological and physiological disorder that is progressing among young women that is why more research is needed. His primary interest concerns etiologic and maintenance processes of eating disorders. Further the author concentrates on the risk factors of eating pathology and how their combination can influence the probability of the disorder in people. It is interesting that the author concentrates also on the factors that are often neglected in determining the possibility of eating dysfunction appearance. Moreover, the author aims to reveal all limitations, statistical, methodological, and theoretical that can be helpful for further examination of the problem. The article regards how social pressure regarding thinness influences body dissatisfaction among girls and leads to dieting and later to eating disorders. It is interesting how State aims to demonstrate these common concepts with the help of statistics. The author also examines such concepts as impulsivity, early menarche, and perfectionism as additional factors influencing the chain that leads to development of eating dysfunctions. The article is also extremely useful in terms of its applicability to eating disorders treatment (State, 2002).

The article was particularly interesting for me in terms of describing additional risk factors of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Perfectionism which was always perceived as a positive quality that helps achieving success in life was unexpectedly related to the possibility of eating dysfunctions. However, after some reflections I came to conclusion that only people who want everything to be perfect (including their own body) can suffer from eating disorders to achieve this perfection. The author also concentrated on social pressure and idealization of thin body as casual risk factors

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