Anode Materials in LI-Ion Batteries

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Anode Materials in LI-Ion Batteries. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The paper would be of prime importance for engineers and electronic professionals dealing in Li-ion Batteries whereas it will also benefit other researchers and people who are interesting in learning about the anode materials.

Li-ion Battery is also known as Lithium-ion battery which is primarily used as rechargeable support to different electronic devices. Currently, its market sell is around 11 billion which is expected to reach 60 billion by 2020 (Li-ion batteries). Due to technological advancements, human lives are now prominently dominated by electronic gadgets and other devices. These portable electronic items require immense support of rechargeable batteries and hence Lithium-ion Battery performs a very crucial role in technological development. However, these batteries are associated with another important factor that directly impacts their performance and efficiency i.e. the properties of Anode materials used (Li-ion batteries).

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Anode Materials in LI-Ion Batteries
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Li-ion batteries function on the basis of discharge and recharge of lithium ions. When Lithium ions are transferred from anode to cathode the Li-ion battery discharges. Subsequently, it is attached to a socket in order to recharge the ions which now travel in the opposite direction i.e. from cathode to anode. The property of materials used in anode substantially affects the capacity and performance of the battery. If some lapses occur in the performance of batteries then particular anode materials are replaced with substances having more capacity, density, battery life cycle, the life span of the charge, etc. (Li-ion batteries).

Different anode materials are used in Lithium batteries depending upon the requirement of chargeable devices. The selection of material is further associated with capacity constraints and the overall life of the battery.

Graphite is commercially used in Li-ion batteries.&nbsp.

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