Annotating and Note Taking Assignment

For this assignment, you need to select pages from a textbook or article, read and annotate the pages, and then create a set of notes based on the material you read and annotated.

Step 1: Review the marking (annotating) strategies from Chapter 6 (pp. 134-135).

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Annotating and Note Taking Assignment
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Step 2:Selectthree-four consecutivepagesfrom one of your college textbooksORselect the article below.Print a copy of your selected textbook pages or article.

  • 5 Characteristics of Grit: How Many Do You Have?[If you select this article (4 pages), you will need toannotateall 4 pages.] ClickHERE Actionsto download the article.

Step 3: Read and annotate your selected textbook pages or article. Your annotations may behandwritten, typed, or electronically produced. Annotations could include underlining or highlightingalong with other annotations. Highlights should not exceed 10-15% of your page. You may choose to color code as you annotate. Keep in mind that underlining and highlighting are not enough. Other annotations are required; choose from:

  • summarizingorparaphrasingin the margins
  • identifyingkey terms
  • defining unknown terms
  • jotting down questions that occur to you as you read
  • jotting down your reactions to the material
  • adding explanations or elaboration
  • providing additional examples

Your annotations should demonstrate youractive involvementwith the reading. Example of an annotated text: to an external site.)

Step 4: Next,create a separate, detailed page of notesover the material you read and annotated. Your notes may be handwritten or typed.Use one of the following note-taking methods: Cornell Format, Outline Format or List Format. Read Chapter 5 for details.

Step 5: Submit BOTH yourannotated pagesandyour set of notesin the assignment link. If you are taking this course online, you will need toscan or take a photo of any handwritten annotations or notesbefore uploading. If you are taking this course in a face-to-face setting, your professor may require you to submit your work in class.

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Actions to print a copy of this assignment.

Click Here to view a Student Example of this Assignment.

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