Annotated bibliography-terence-w6

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on annotated bibliography-terence-w6 Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! It is important that the knowledge was diverse due to age and type of diabetes, and the adopted app should be individually based.

Published by sense publishers from Rotterdam Netherlands, the chapter discusses the increase of activities aimed towards the elderly persons. The findings well support the study as such actions as development and literacy levels have been improved and forms majority of the policy making towards the older generation. The study is unique as no information is provided by other authors and also silent on other studies regarding the topic. The review of the study is quite detailed that enabled the reader to assimilate the subject with ease. The methodology was majorly theories such as a functional theory of the society to support the hypothesis that was unique to other researchers. It is significant that society has changed to help older persons to have active life.

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Annotated bibliography-terence-w6
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It is a comprehensive scholarly journal published online. The article examines on the behavior of the senior members towards the computer use that formed the hypothesis. The study does not offer for further research, but there was knowledge concerning the topic. The literature review was extensive that the readers easily integrated the research. Methods of research were limited to participants’ observations and surveys that were done in pre and post analysis of the sixty-four seniors selected. These criteria though were unique to other studies. The findings showed an increased positive attitude by the seniors to embrace computers, even though, earlier studies indicated resistance by the target group. Nonetheless, women showed little response that should be a concern to any researcher.

The manuscript is a publication by the Wiley-Blackwell. The author explores how health information can be used to improve health administration. The writer is very silent on provisions of other studies.

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