animals and use of them in transplantation

I need some assistance with these assignment. animals and use of them in transplantation Thank you in advance for the help! Estimates show that organ transplants increase the likelihood of survival for patients. kidneys take up the highest percentage. In certain cases like heart failure, transplantation is the only way out for these patients. While some individuals have had less successful procedures, some cases have been documented of patients who have lived for as long as 20 years with their new organs (Platt and Cascalho 182). Transplantation is highly advantageous because not only does it extend life, but it also improves the quality of life. Kidney transplants are particularly attractive because they provide a superior treatment option to dialysis. The latter procedure is expensive, ineffective, uncomfortable, and never restores health, yet the exact opposite is true for transplants. Cases have also been documented of heart patients who have been able to climb hills and engage in other extreme activities after receiving transplants.

The demand for organs currently exceeds the capacity to supply them. Usually, most transplants emanate from donors. Some of them may be brain dead after involvement in accidents. others might have died but their kidneys could be removed shortly after. Living donors exist for the bone marrow, kidneys, and some parts of the liver. Since there are several restrictions on the ability to use organs from living persons or those who have just died, a shortage exists for them. In several countries around the world, waiting lists are in the thousands, so an alternative source of organs is required. Heart failure patients are in the worst condition because they have no other means of receiving effective treatment. Many have to remain on waiting lists since even getting a suitable donor could be problematic (Van der Windt Dirk et. al. 3050)

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animals and use of them in transplantation
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Several strategies have been suggested to deal with these shortages. Preventive measures like policy alterations could be an alternative. This may involve solutions for avoidable problems like heart failure. obesity prevention is one such strategy.

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