You will prepare and submit a term paper on ANIMAL FARM. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. His regime mistreated people especially those who disagreed with his way of doing things, later adopted ruthless and cruelty to be a method within the Russian Monarchical government before the revolution. By 1944 Orwell was through with his book but majority of individual especially in the larger United States and Western Europe were not willing to hear the dark side history, apart from Stalin being their ally, to many politically, he was a hero as well as role model

In 1945 when German was defeated, the real relationship that existed between her previous allies during the WW2, for instance Britain and USA drastically changed. The Soviets who were viewed as heroes, they were no more, instead, they were looked at as oppressor especially those countries they invaded and finally occupied in part of Eastern Europe, by 1948 the Soviet army went ahead and blocked the roads leading to Germany capital city Berlin by then, the city was surrounded by the troops from Soviet that were controlling the East Germany. The city had no option but to divide into two, western under Allies as the Eastern part of Soviets, the supplies were flown by air and other necessities.

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A well known British politician by the name Winston Churchill said, Europe now is divided by one thing. “Iron curtain” this kind of state was known as a cold war, this is a term said to have been used first by Orwell. But in late 1989 the wall that was constructed by the Soviets was smashed to the ground by the Germans as the Soviet Union disintegrated down in 1991. The Soviet system used not to be very powerful or rather long lasting as it is suggested by Orwell (Kort 35)

Animal farm is classified both as a fable and an Allegory. This story fits the description of allegory due to its use of fictional characters and even events that are representative of people and events of the real world.

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