Analysis of Themes for English B Poem of Langston Hughes

I will pay for the following article Analysis of Themes for English B Poem of Langston Hughes. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The trend is heightened in the first lines of the poem when the instructor requests that they write a page which will only be true if it comes from their minds. The instructor for that matter is being too subjective when he uses the criteria of truth and originality of the work of the learners to grade them. He insists that it has to be from them or mind. This is an emphasis on the essence of originality. In a nutshell, the poem is satirizing the idea of grading system of persons using truth and originality as the parameters. It obvious that such grading is not objective but rather very subjective.&nbsp.The persona compares his age to the elderly and goes on to mention that he is the only colored among the group which also implies some level of inequality and segregation based on their color. This could be a suggestion that colored people are not allowed equal chance to school as it is the case with the white .at higher level, this can be related to the age of the stay of the native white to the land and the colored who are probably not natives there but just happen to be there by historical accident. The steps mentioned in the poem which the person has to climb are another significant suggestion or implication of the poem. That the personal lives in low land and his counterparts, those who are not colored could be living on the hills. This can be compared to the social ladders which in other words tell us that those&nbsp.who are in the upper classes live in the hills and therefore highly placed in the society .this could also serve as the best reason the persona is the only colored student in the whole cohort. It is not easy for one to climb the social ladder to join others.&nbsp.

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 Analysis of Themes for English B Poem of Langston Hughes
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