Analysis of Ice Age

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Analysis of Ice Age: The Meltdown by Carlos Saldanha and WALL-E by Andrew Stanton. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Meanwhile, according to United States Environment Protection Agency, in 2012, The United States is the second emitter of greenhouse gas emissions by 18 percent of the world. Thus, in the film Ice Age: The Meltdown, director Carlos Saldanha appeals and warns us that we should pay more attention to protect against global warming by narrating the story of creatures fleeing due to the melting of the ice caps because of global warming. While in WALL-E, director Andrew Stanton shows us a world that is inhabitable and where people live in outer space, and their lives are run by robots. These films show us that the past teaches us that we must personally take care of our one and only planet, or else, we might have to face a future without our home.

The past is a great reflection of the future to which we are heading. The simple fact that history repeats itself reminds us that we have to learn from the lessons of yesterday. This was shown in Ice Age: The Meltdown where the animals are now enjoying the effects of the melting glaciers. The weather is much more bearable than the cold and some parts are actually melting into water. But everything is melting and the world as they know it is rapidly changing. They will soon be taken over by flood that the only way to survive is to reach the other side of the valley as suggested by the vulture (Ice Age: The Meltdown). Cycles of ice ages and the subsequent cooling periods are naturally occurring and spans for millions of years. Currently, from what began some 3 million years beforehand, we are in the third cooling period. But this movement toward hotter temperatures is faster than nature directs due to the evolution of human beings that led to the catastrophic environmental changes occurring right now. “Changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are a strong candidate to explain the overall pattern of climatic change” (Maasch). These greenhouse gases will displace people from their homes as temperatures and weather phenomena become unbearable.

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Analysis of Ice Age
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