Analysis of Hussmann Corporation

Hussmann inspires problem-solving innovations and solutions in the parts of merchandising, shelf life extension, food safety, life cycle value, and sustainability. Hussmann has been focused on tackling the needs and wants of the customers of their products and also, providing solutions that give them higher value for the customer’s businesses.

Hussmann is a worldwide manufacturer of food merchandising apparatus and refrigeration. It functions as part of the Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies Sector. Their competitors are Hill-Phoenix, Kysor Warren, Tyler Refrigeration, and Zero Zone.

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They also provide services and types of equipment to direct controlled environments and also temperature for the food items and other perishables. Ingersoll Rand Climate Control Technologies includes both stationary and transport refrigeration solutions.

The products and brands of Ingersoll Rand include along with Hussmann, Thermo King which is a leading name in temperature control systems used in transport. Also, Koxka is the counterpart of Hussmann based in Europe. Hussmann was the provider of the first display case for the meat which was patented. It also introduced the first food case to be frozen for Clarence Birdseye. They also were the introducer of the refrigeration systems exclusively designed for the food stores. In 1935, they were the inaugurator of the self-service frozen food display. From their inception in almost all the products in food protection merchandising, they have been the pioneer.

Hussmann’s products comprise refrigerated and also non-refrigerated merchandisers for display, evaporative condensers, heat exchange coils, refrigeration systems, walk-in coolers, beverage coolers, and freezers, and other related products. Display merchandisers which are used for supermarkets take up an essential part of the product line of the company

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