Analysis of ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’

The Video Analysis: It was a real feast to look inside of the astonishing “Cave of the Forgotten Dream” whichconsists of limestone caves. These limestone caves are 400 miles from the Paris and in the Southern part of France. These caves are very wealthy and majestic collection of early paintings, bones of animals, splendid images of horses, cave lions and cave bears alongside the walls of these mysteries caves. These caves were first discovered in 1994 by three French cavers who climb, crawled and made their way to tightly sealed 20,000 years old caves to find the distance between our lost human counterpart and modern world.&nbsp.

The French government took control of the cave and to protect its wealth and banned from general visitors. Mr. Herzog managed to get permission from the French government for himself and his crew to go with the researchers inside the cave to dig out the hidden secret of mankind. It was considered as a blast to go inside the cave and to see these images. When researcher and crew saw cave from inside they all were in same astonishing state of mind and seemed like they were deeply touched by the depiction on the walls of cave and in some cases they seemed like talking with eternally lost and dead souls. The painting of physical connection between early man and woman was of prime attraction. Sometimes the director drifts away from the caves and start tagging with perfumer who got ability to sniff and find his way out of the cave.&nbsp.

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Archaeologists around the globe are in debate of the age of the cave on whether these Chauvet painting are before 30,000 BP or they are younger. A German archaeologist Chistian Zuchner believes that even if the caves are not that old as presumed still they are rich collection of cave art found anywhere in the world. The cave largely kept Mr. Herzog indulgence in the realm of the world of stories and dreams.

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