Analysis of a Job.

Further, the traditional career stages will be examined and the plan that will help to avoid declining employee performance during certain stages in the career will be worked out.

To appoint the best person for a certain job position, it is essential to understand the nature of that job. Here the job analysis helps to develop such understanding, exploring the tasks that will be performed in a job, the competencies that are required for doing those tasks and the link between the tasks and competencies. Job analysis can also be used to identify not only job requirements, but also fields that need development. For the administrative assistant in the newly formed organization, there should be created specific job description, because such person will deal with everything in the company and will be its ears and eyes. The description of job duties should be practical, clear and accurate to effectively define company needs.

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Analysis of a Job.
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The administrative assistant is required to: possess at least one foreign language. to be able to coordinate visitors coming, create agendas and transfer maps. organize business trips (purchase tickets and book accommodation). be able to prepare documents for obtaining visas (to prepare all necessary document that precede visa getting: the invitations, the company guarantee documents, etc.). support company expats and missioners (to prepare all necessary document that precede getting residence permit and the registration in the apartment: the official invitations). assist in creation of corporate business policies and procedures that relate to the position. assist in budgeting the expenses and making the reports of the services and goods related to the position. check and track the correctness of the documents provided by the third parties: the waybills, tax invoices, the write off acts etc.. 

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