Analysis marking question in Presidential Debate 

The report is about choosing an area of discussion or selecting a question from the debate and then analysing it and offering a conclusion. The discussion had shed light on several issues. Some of the issue include birth control & abortion, war, terrorism, tax, job market, immigration, foreign policy, debt, balance budget, economy, education, training and development, the energy sector, health care, social security. Therefore according to the requirements of the report, the issue that has been chosen to make analysis is related to the job market. The question that is selected from the debate is “How to create jobs?” The primary rationale behind choosing this issue is its connection with both economic as well as business perspectives. The next half of the project will therefore analyse the views of both Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney on the issue of job market and job creation.

The debate between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney commenced with the host of program throwing his first question on How to create jobs? In my opinion creation of job is one of the most important factor for a nation and its economy to survive. Creation of job not only helps in providing job to citizens of the country, but it also has several other direct as well as indirect impact. Hence Questions pertaining to the creation of jobs is imperative. It is one of the serious problems that are faced by every countries of the world. The issue got more obvious, after the great depression. In USA the unnatural job cuts and stagnated recruitment has caused huge difficulties. Hence certain steps are needed to be taken in order to revive the job market of USA.

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Analysis marking question in Presidential Debate 
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I believe that in order to create jobs, the government of USA needs to follow or practise certain activities. One such important factor is the alteration in the present tax policies. Although cutting tax will not impact the job market directly, but will have influence indirectly.

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