An Analysis of a Topic and an Organization using a Sociological Perspective

Select an established social problem or an issue they consider a social problem to examine claims that support the issue as a problem. 
You may also choose to defend a social problem with support that it is not a problem. 

I. Introduction (5 points) 
II. Topic selection and explanation for choosing the topic. What is the problem? Provide some background and/or information concerning why you choose this particular topic (10 points)  
III. Explain why the social problem is considered a serious issue. Provide research within the past 5 years. Is the problem increasing, and if so, how and/or why? (20 points) 
IV. Identify at least four sociological concepts (i.e. socialization, norms, gender, deviance, dehumanization, cultural universal, alienation, role expectations, life span, etc.) from our text that are relevant to your chosen social topic. Demonstrate your understanding of at least one sociological perspective. By identifying it and explaining how these concepts help us better understand the nature of the social problem you selected? (30 points) 
V. What might be one important way in which the social issue is currently being addressed in society?  Examine examples from mainstream media that address the issue. Provide at least two examples of a current event, news report, or a media outlet that addresses the social problem. (10 points) 
VI. Conclusion. (5 points) 
VII.Include at least 5 references (at least three references should be an academic peer-reviewed journal article from our FTCC library). MLA format style, proper grammar and sentence structure. (20 points)

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An Analysis of a Topic and an Organization using a Sociological Perspective
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***Remember that you will need at least 5 academic sources minimum for your paper.
***Your paper should be 4- 5 pages and MLA format.

You may also consider other additional sources: .edu., .org., .gov. sites such as: Pew Research Center ( World Health Organization ( (

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