American Economics History.

The later one was declared to be a standard family homestead after the Homestead Act became Law in 1862. The land was planned to be surveyed and then sold through auction.

In every township, four sections each were kept aside to be used by the Government while one section each was separated for public schools. The proposal for the inclusion of glebe land in order to support churches was, however, failed, perhaps, in the anticipation of the First amendment.

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American Economics History.
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Prior to this survey, Mr. Adams Jefferson, the president of America at that time, planned to prepare townships of 10 square mile each which was then modified by the survey of topic under discussion. This was planned under the Ordinance 1785. A tabular guide is provided below that will give an idea of the survey as to how the land was to be divided in townships:

In 1784, the committee of Mr. Jefferson presented an idea that the Northwest shall be divided into 10 parts as shown in figure 5.2. (Hughes and Cain, p. 94). But, after two years, James Monroe wrote a letter to Jefferson showing his fear that it was impolitic to create such 10 new states. Although, the Ordinance of 1784 was defeated on the dispute of slavery, it argued that adding 10 new states would help increase the likelihood of sectional division and reduce the chance of new Government towards success. A motion was submitted a year later by Monroe that passed Congress to limit the number of states to not less than three and no more than five. This territory was to be organized as a district and Congress was to appoint a district judge and governor. An elected territorial legislator was to be established and a nonvoting delegate sent to the Congress as soon as one of the proposed divisions contained 5,000 male voting age residents. The federal government appointees still held the authority to fill the judicial and executive functions.

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