Alternative Ways of Helping Women Who Have Been Released From Prison.

I will pay for the following article Alternative Ways of Helping Women Who Have Been Released From Prison. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Another goal of punishment is deterrence. it is anticipated that being punished will dissuade that individual offender from offending again and will be a lesson to the rest of the community not to take on in the same criminal behaviour. The third goal of punishment or sentencing, particularly involving incarceration is that of incapacitation. In other words, through punishment, the public will be protected from the offender for at least the period of the sentencing (Austin et al, 2004). The last but not the least goal of sentencing is rehabilitation. This is not about being disciplinary to the offender, but rather recuperative. Rehabilitation tries to treat the fundamental causes of criminal behaviour in the offender and then reinstate that person to society as a productive and law-abiding member.

In Maryland, female offenders are allowed to participate in a work-release program at Maryland correctional institution for women (MCIW) before they are released from prison. Studies have shown that women who participate in this work release program are less likely to be re-incarnated than women who do not attend this program. This is because it is through such a program that individual law offenders are rehabilitated in order to live peacefully with other members of society once they are released from prison. Women who do not go through this program are more likely to be involved in criminal activities after they are set free. The purpose of prison incarceration is to take the criminal from the society since she is deemed to be dangerous and confine her in an area where she will be able to reflect on his mistakes and where she might get rehabilitated Most of the studies done on individuals who are set free before they are rehabilitated show that one out of three is likely to commit another crime. This is because it is almost impossible for them to acquire jobs with felony records and to make it worse. they associate themselves with other criminals who are out of prison making it difficult to get other sources of income other than the criminal activities.&nbsp.

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Alternative Ways of Helping Women Who Have Been Released From Prison.
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