All Undergraduate Programs have a Writing Across the Curriculum Policy which means that you can expect to write at least 10 pages

All Undergraduate Programs have a Writing Across the Curriculum Policy which means that you can expect to write at least 10 pages for each course. 30% of your grade will be determined by written assignments.

Written assignments can include, but are not limited to: discussion questions, case studies, essays, summaries, memos, lesson plans, journal entries, lab reports, project proposals, progress reports, and project reviews. The written assignment for this course will be found in this syllabus as well as on the course in Canvas.

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All Undergraduate Programs have a Writing Across the Curriculum Policy which means that you can expect to write at least 10 pages
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Find a recent article (or articles) from scholarly, academic, professional, or news sources (including online sources) on a current and controversial subject matter that deals with legal issues and principles addressed in your Business Law I course and/or in the legal materials in your business law textbook.

Read the article carefully, consult your textbook for the legal principles, and prepare the following Article Review:

  1. Introduction

State purposes of review, title and source of article

State why you choose this article, its relationship to the course legal material, and the significance of the subject matter

  1. Article Summary

Briefly summarize the article

State the key “operative” facts, that is, those facts that are necessary for making legal determinations

  1. Legal Issues and Principles

State the relevant legal issues involved in the controversy (the “issues” are the legal questions that the courts or other government tribunals will decide)

State the pertinent legal principles that apply to the subject matter

  1. Application of Legal Principles to Controversy

Apply the legal principles to the controversy, make and state your legal conclusion, and explain your reasoning (making reference to key facts and legal principles)

If a legal decision has already been made by a court or other government tribunal, state whether based on the law you agree or disagree with the legal conclusion; and then explain your determination, and demonstrate your legal rationales and reasoning

  1. Recommendation

State what you believe to be a just (that is, legal as well as moral and socially responsible) resolution to this controversy, and explain your justification

  1. Conclusion

Restate your major conclusions and recommendations briefly Make any predictions that you deem appropriate

  1. Discussion Questions

State at least two or three discussion questions based on the article that are appropriate for class discussion

  1. Bibliography

Additional Instructions: The topic is of your choosing but it must be approved by the professor. The length of the article review should be approximately 10 pages (longer if you so desire), double-spaced, and in word processing format. Make sure your article review includes the official Huizenga School cover page with the author certification statement. Research (beyond the article and your textbook) is not required; however, additional research is permissible; but if you do use additional research make sure you have the materials included in the Bibliography section to the article review. Make sure you cite all your sources and cite and quote according to the APA style. The article review is due the last day of class; but early submissions are acceptable. The article review counts for 30% of your grade.

this is the article i chose to do the paper on

please include one or two more articles regarding the subject or talk about a case that had the same circumstances. please make sure it is cited well, follows all guidelines of the syllabus/ project instructions which I placed on top as well as follows all rules of the APA format.

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