Alcon technology infrastructure.

The IT setup within the Alcan foundation was not integrated. Every department had an IT setup and rules of its own. It was therefore highly impossible for the higher management to approximate clearly the total amount that was being spent annually at the overall IT infrastructure.

For certain departments IT costs were being recorded in the operating expenses for that department instead of being signified under their own respective head. This eventually resulted in the misinterpretation of the actual figures on the macro level. As a result when the top management did not get an idea of the actual expenses they did not a lot the actually required funds to the respective departments.

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Alcon technology infrastructure.
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Monitoring of IT activities was impossible owing to the fact that since they were being categorized under multiple heads at the human resource level, it was impossible to single them out and monitor them.

The haphazardness of resources and the inconsistent allocation of resources had enabled rise in the need of outsourcing since none of the processes were properly synchronized within departments of the organization.

A single organizational environment contained consultation with over 1000 distinct information systems. The implementation of even the simplest of information systems became very costly this way because of absence of integration among organizational departments.

A committee was formed which was responsible for handling the communication requirements of individuals. The directors of each department got a chance to propose their thoughts to the committee which was then supposed to pass it forward to the executive leadership.

While the changes seemed quick and promising this view was mainly being captured from the upper management level. There was a high possibility that the changes that the human resource and the lower management were being made to go through were not very welcome by them.

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